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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline 31th July 2015 Hydrogeological risk management: gender (women - men) issues and impacts


Conference - Thursday, 29th October 2015, 9:00 -17:30


The Technical Committee for Hydrogeological Risk of the Professional Engineers Board of Rome is organising a one day conference to deal with Hydrogeological Risk Management under a particular perspective.
The Conference aims at involving practitioners in a discussion about gender-sensitive risk management.
Having in mind the importance of economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability, there is a paramount convergence on the fact that gender matters where major challenges and change factors should be faced, even in water cycle and disaster risk management. Consequently, there is a need for a systematic and comprehensive methodology to gather gender-disaggregated data, as well as to increase the availability of gender-related indicators and methodologies on key topics in disaster risk management and decision making.
Relevant invited speaker will discuss the topic in roundtables and scientific sessions.
Contributions are welcome for three scientific sessions that will focus on the following topics:
  1. Hazard (inundations, flooding, landslides, erosion, sea storms, soil consumption)
  2. Hazard exposure (risk perception, demography, urbanization, accessibility, resilient infrastructures)
  3. Risk management (land use and urban planning, interdisciplinary and inclusive management)


Deadline’s timeframe: 
  • ‚Äč 31th July 2015: Deadline for abstract submission
  • 12th August 2015: Abstracts acceptance is notified to authors 
  • 7th September 2015: Deadline for paper submission 
  • 30th September 2015: Papers review is notified to authors 
Abstracts (max 800 char.) should be uploaded on the following website: http://callforpapers.strega.org
Abstracts should be written in English, while papers may be written in English or Italian.
Paper and presentation templates will be available on the website of Professional Engineers Board of Rome.
Accepted papers will be included in conference proceedings.
The final papers will be issued on the Professional Engineers Board of Rome media channels.
Each speaker will be allocated 10 minutes for her/his presentation. The presentations will be held in English.
The roundtables of the Conference will be held in Italian.
The scientific sessions of the Conference will be held in English.
Organizing Committee:
Maria Rosaria Di Lorenzo, Davide Saltari, Tullia Valeria Di Giacomo, Francesca Assennato.
Scientific Committee: 

Francesca Assennato, Angela Barbano, Enrica Caporali, Paolo De Girolamo, Paolo Di Giacomo, Tullia Valeria Di Giacomo, Maria Rosaria Di Lorenzo, Carlo Ferranti, Salvatore Grimaldi, Giuseppina Monacelli, Monica Pasca, Franco Picerni, Fabio Russo, Davide Saltari, Paolo Sammarco, Flavia Tauro.



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